5 Simple Steps to Starting a New Career in Commercial Finance and Real Estate Investing


Have you ever heard of a business that you could operate from home, work part-time, and easily earn 5 to 6 figure income from each effort? I have and it is commercial financing and real estate investing. Like most entrepreneurs, I have experienced the gamut of business opportunities. From multi-level marketing, independent distributorships, and mortgage banking to residential real estate investing, club  amp; concert promotions, and more. I have seen my fare share of success and failure in business, but along the way I have learned there were some things I would prefer in my future ventures.

My “wish list” developed as I gained a better awareness of what type of lifestyle I wanted to lead. I found that I preferred a business capable of building multi-generational wealth, that was not time or labor intensive, and relatively easy to learn. Also, I desired a business that could be operated anywhere, with little to no staff, and did not require excessive startup expense. For me (and many other entrepreneurs), the ultimate life would be 100% stress free, spent traveling and enjoying time with my loved ones.


Commercial finance and real estate investing is the one business opportunity that meets or exceeds my “wish list” requirements in a business, and can create a lifestyle that most people only dream of having. Whether you are an experienced CEO-type, a stay-at-home mom, or a college dropout, brokering commercial money and/or investing in income-producing commercial properties can be done on a part-time, “as money’s needed” basis and leads to 100% debt-free living. Just imagine- for every $1 million in financing brokered, you earn $10,000.00 in commission.


Now, many naysayers will tell you that you need a real estate degree or a MBA in Finance to broker commercial money or invest in commercial real estate- but that simply is not true. Others will also tell you it is so hard to get started or only “certain” kinds of people are successful in this business, and that is a lie told to bully you from believing it is possible or even trying. I do admit it is not for everyone, but let me be brutally honest- the only thing I know that’s good for everyone is air and water.


So, what actions must you take to begin a new career in commercial finance and real estate investing?


  1. Make the decision and take ACTION! Every physical “thing” in existence began as a thought and became a decision. Your decision will manifest in your life as action taken towards your chosen goal. But, you must first decide what you want and what exactly you will do to get there.


  1. Do your research. Learn what is out there for investors and where you want to be in the transaction. Money is made by providing solutions and you need to decide what problem you would like to solve.


  1. Become active in a local group or online forum that specializes in commercial real estate investing  amp; finance. Talk to other investors and money brokers to find out industry standards and possible pitfalls. Call lenders to determine what traits the most successful money brokers share.


  1. Study how other money brokers  amp; investors develop leads. Rank each strategy and select the strategies most suited to your circumstances. If you can afford to place an ad in a prominent industry magazine or website- DO IT. Also, contact commercial real estate agents and brokers to find out how they work with financiers/consultants.


  1. Setup your “office”. You will need to file any necessary paperwork to setup your business entity or DBA. Also, you need a dedicated business phone number  amp; fax machine (or service). It is also a good idea to have a website.


By following these steps, you can develop a few key relationships that will have a lasting impact on your business. If you are lucky, you will meet someone willing to mentor you through the process and hold your hand when you are scared. At the very least, you will have created a multi-tiered referral system of industry professionals and acquaintances and will be well on your way to your first million dollar commission check.