Fashion and Style: Lyn Gaylord Hand Crafted Silver Belt Buckles and Accessories


Capitalizing on her love of 19th century European art and antiques, Lyn Gaylord discovered a way to combine her passion and career. Inspired by the classic beauty of art on an antique tobacco tin, Lyn Gaylord decided to recreate the beauty and character of her favorite European antique pieces on belt buckles. Fine alligator and crocodile embossed calf-skin belts complement the instantly classic belt buckles.

Lyn and her daughter, Jenny, rummage antique markets of London and Paris at least once a year to find unique antique reliefs on clothes brushes, pipes, tins, and other decorative antique pieces. Lyn creates an imprint of each antique and hand carves the details into a molded form from which to fashion belt buckles reflecting the beauty of the original piece. The current Lyn Gaylord collection is comprised of 250 fashionable belt buckles. Recently, Gaylord has extended her reach to include cuff links, sterling capped hand-blown vanity glass, and men’s belt buckles. The most recent addition to the Gaylord collection is brass belt buckles.

Each belt buckle is a lovingly created work of art. Whimsical replicas of lady bugs, frogs, and feet, become classic fashion when recreated in silver. Romantic recreations of 19th century iconic cupids, fairies, and ladies in waiting also grace silver belt buckles. Viewing the Gaylord belt buckle collection is like strolling through a museum of European art history, laced with a touch of fine Italian.

It’s difficult to tell which Lyn Gaylord enjoys more, crafting the silver belt buckles or rummaging antiques sales in London and France. Either way, consumers are the winners when Lyn works on a fashionable, new creation.

Crocodile embossed calf-skin belts start at $75. Alligator belts range from $360 – $440. Lizard belts are available in the $175 range. Worth the price, Gaylord’s work is unique and beautiful. Each piece is hand-crafted with detail and care. When it comes to Gaylord belt buckles and accessories, cheap imitations will never compete. Lyn Gaylord’s personal touch, attention to detail, and use of quality materials makes her belts fashionable and highly collectible.

Tucked away in Long Island Sound, Gaylord continues to create hand-crafted pieces for the Gaylord line. Lyn Gaylord is working toward a bright future based on superior quality art and uniquely beautiful fashion accessories. Gaylord belt buckles and accessories transcend the “here today, gone tomorrow” fashion mentality. One Lyn Gaylord piece will add a lasting fashion accessory to your wardrobe.

Gaylord’s craftsmanship has been featured in the pages of magazines like Oprah, Victorian Homes, Crafts Jewelry and more. Lyn Gaylord has also been recognized in Fortune: Small Business for her commitment to quality and navigating the waters of becoming a self sustaining entrepreneur.

Step ahead of the trend. Consider adding a Gaylord belt buckle to your fall accessories. View the complete line of Gaylord belt buckles at

Photographs (to the left of this article) were graciously provided by Lyn Gaylord and demonstrate the method of craftsmanship that goes into each buckle.