Colorado Real Estate Search: Look at Homes in Denver and Castle Rock


When you are searching for Colorado homes, it’s best to first narrow down your options to two or three areas depending on your living preferences and desired home value. After all, Colorado is the 8th largest state. Here are two popular areas that you may want to consider in your search for Colorado homes: Denver and Castle Rock.

Denver Real Estate


Denver — also called the “mile high city” — is the capital of the state and home to more than 526,000 people. Denver is unique because it combines an urban flair with the natural beauty of the Rocky Mountains that flank it. According to Housing Tracker, the median price of Denver real estate currently hovers around $280,000 and is expected to grow by at least 16 percent between 2008 and 2009 as home inventory goes down.


Castle Rock Real Estate


If you are the type of person who prefers to have a home within reach of a major city while keeping a comfortable distance, you may want to look into Colorado homes in Castle Rock. Castle Rock is a prime location nestled in the mountains of central Colorado, 35 miles south of Denver. The city’s Chamber of Commerce estimates that the population of this burgeoning municipality will double in five years, and Colorado Realtors are jumping on prime homes in this area, so these Colorado homes have plenty of potential for increasing in value and demand over time. Now is definitely the time to settle into Castle Rock, which boasts many small-town charms with big city amenities. Conveniently located halfway between Denver and Colorado Springs, Castle Rock offers stunning views of the Rocky Mountains and other natural formations. In fact, if you move to a community such as The Meadows, you can enjoy luxurious living in a home expertly designed to blend in with Colorado’s own natural landscapes.


Next Step: Find Colorado Realtors


As you embark on your quest to find great Colorado homes, compile a list of Colorado Realtors who specialize in those areas you’re interested in to assist you in your search. A good agent will understand your needs, provide you with a comprehensive list of Colorado homes based on your requirements, help you coordinate your trip, and help you adjust to your new home and its surroundings. Finding Colorado homes is a much less daunting task when you have a great Colorado Realtor on your side.