Finding An Apartment For Rent That You Like: Searching For a Home That is as Unique As You Are

For apartment hunters looking for something that isn’t run of the mill square corners, like those found mostly in large complexes, the key is the neighborhood.

Large complexes are made for the fluid mover, and so management is usually working to allow renters options to make their apartment their home. Those options can range from more lease options to bulidings that are already built with varietal floor plans.

Although older apartment complexes might have most of the same floorplan designs, many will let you paint or create your own improvements without a deposit penalty.

How to Look for an Apartment

Get out and drive around the town. The most affordable and elegant apartments might not be found in a local newspaper or online. They may be behind a lawn sign from the small contractor or home owner with a mother-in-law apartment looking for a tenant.
Getting the word out is also important. Many small-time landlords or smaller complexes will rely on the local connection to find renters. A small advertising budget doesn’t always mean little upkeep. Some owners are spending the rent money on apartment improvements rather than on a bundle of advertising.

Word-of mouth from co-workers or current residents is the best place to start. Plus, the friend-of-a-friend connection may allow for more negotiable terms on the lease.

Downtown Apartments for Rent Offer Many Options

Although a renovated home may offer fewer neighbors, the downfall of smaller units is they may not have the amenities that can be offered at large complexes such as a health club, pool, or playgrounds.

Many historical homes have been renovated into apartments in recent years. However, if utilities are not included in rent, inquire regarding the utility upgrades. Victorian homes offer beautiful and unique apartments but in climates that teeter on the extreme such as northern winters, appropriate heat saving measures should be installed. Ask whether property owners have the ability to do so. Otherwise, renters may be paying what is saved in rent directly to utility bills.

Finding an apartment outside of metro areas

Small towns or metro areas with a historical zone offer a plethora of unique choices. Again, this may take a little leg work on the part of apartment hunters. Cruise the classifieds and online for the older parts of town that are deemed historic.

Residential areas aren’t the only place to look. Downtown, where building owners might be looking to upgrade the property, add value by adding residential above businesses.

The business/apartment combos can be the ideal place for a nine-to-five worker. The traffic is running throughout the day while you’re at work. In the evening, there is no one to complain about noise. Just be sure to check the business hours of what might be your neighbors. Not everyone will be open to lviing next to an all access fitness center with a booming stereo that is on 24/7.

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